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The Discrete & Stylish way to be a Responsible Pet Owner!


Do you love walking your dog but are embarrassed  to carry along a plastic bag of …
you know… the “ Doggy Goodies” ? 
      The solution:  
                                                                                the Poopie Purse!






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The Poopie Purse is a discrete and stylish way to be a responsible pet owner. (Conceal dog waste when walking your dog ) The handbag is equipped with a front pocket designed to hold hand sanitizer or cleansing wipes (also great for house keys or a cell phone ! Large back pocket is ideal for dog treats,   collapsible bowls & more.   Simply clip a disposable sanitary liner in the interior. Pop in a few "Poochie Poo Poo" bags for later waste removal and head out on your way. When your doggy does his duty, pick up waste using one of the "Poochie Poo Poo" bags, secure it closed then toss in the interior of the Poopie Purse. Tug the handle strings to tighten and Voila! Continue on without shame! When you return home, unclip and remove the disposable liner containing all the " doggy goodies". The Poopie Purse is completely washable and offered in various patterns and colors with matching pet accessories such as pet bandanas, dog collar covers,  and much more!

For the MEN : it's the Doo Doo Duffle, available in Camouflage, Flames or Blaze Orange.  Custom orders are filled upon request.

BONUS: The Poopie Purse is sold with a complimentary disposable liner, a Poochie Poo Poo bag and a set of pocket name tags to personalize your new pet accessory.

Dimensions fully opened are about 16" x 10.5" , closes to a triangular shape about 7" across at the top.
* 4 Styles -    Basic:  corded handles     Deluxe:  ring handles,    Fanny Pak: belt included    Doo Doo Duffle: web handle, back belt loops



Don’t be caught holding an ordinary bag
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